Bali Travel Refugees

Much like our surprise week in Perth, we didn’t expect to go to Bali, or Indonesia at all, on this trip. What we experienced we loved, even if it ended up too brief and far too stressful. Before I get into chronicling our short stay on this beautiful island, it may be worth a quick summary of the things that led us here and a little math. While at Halls Gap in the Grampians, considering … Read →

Perth & Rottnest Island

Not originally on our itinerary, we ended up in Perth for a week when we began to change our travel plans due to COVID-19. It’s a really nice place, and was much lower key and warmer than Sydney or Melbourne. I was kind of stupid to wait this long to write up the final major stop of our trip, some 15 weeks after the fact. I say major because there will still be one final … Read →

Phillip Island, Great Ocean Road & The Grampians

After a week in Melbourne, this four day road trip was the sixth leg of our 2020 Australia trip. Copious wildlife and epic scenery were the order of the day. Whereas getting out of Canberra for Melbourne couldn’t happen fast enough, I was almost reticent to leave the latter for this four day roadie. It was probably the leg of the trip with the most unknowns, aside from what would happen with our Asian leg, … Read →


A week in Melbourne was the fifth leg of our 2020 COVID19-shortened trip to Australia and Asia. I think Melbourne was actually our favourite city in Oz. To be honest, four days in Canberra was plenty for us, and we couldn’t wait to leave for Melbourne. A few years ago my son spent a few months there and had glowing things to say about his stay, so our expectations were fairly high. We weren’t disappointed. … Read →


We got through an abridged version of our first trip to Australia and Asia before our government ordered everyone home. This post highlights our four night stay in the national capital of Canberra. Overall Impressions I’ll say upfront that Canberra was our least-favourite stop on the whole trip. We still managed to see some wildlife, enjoy some really good craft beer, and saw some very interesting cultural stuff, but the city itself doesn’t really have … Read →

Brisbane, Bundaberg & Noosa

Our second week in Australia was spent in Brisbane, Bundaberg and Noosa. A real study in contrasts, this leg of the trip saw a river city, sub-tropical beaches, turtles, Great Barrier Reef and snorkelling. Flying from Sydney to Brisbane was a nice short 90 minute zip up the coast from New South Wales to Queensland. Brisbane also has really nice, fast rail service from the airport to the CBD. We only stayed in Brisbane for … Read →

Blue Mountains & Newcastle

A week in the Sydney area was our first stop for a month in Australia. This is the two-day road trip we took to end that week. After five nights in Sydney, we decided we’d take a car and drive up to the beautiful Blue Mountains, then take a road less-travelled and make our way up the coast a little to Newcastle. No longer held hostage by torrential rain, we still had a mixed bag … Read →


Pre-COVID, 2020 was to be a year of long overdue travel. A week in the Sydney area was to be our first stop for a month in Australia and nearly as long in southeast Asia. This is the first of several journal posts about our Australia 2020. Click any photo in the galleries below for a larger overlay. Travel For a 15 hour flight in cramped economy, things really couldn’t have gone much better. Our … Read →

A Year in Victoria, a Brief Review

At the beginning of 2019 I wrote about our decision to move to Victoria. While we hoped this was going to be a permanent thing, we also knew we were testing the water to some degree. Life has a habit of handing you surprises and, as I wrote in October it did just that. I won’t rehash any of those details, as you can hit the links above if you’re interested. However, since Victoria ended … Read →


When you come to a fork in the road, take it. — Yogi Berra A little under a year ago we undertook a pretty sizeable life change. Around Christmas I was offered a job with the provincial government and in January we moved across the Strait of Georgia to live in Victoria, ostensibly permanently. For the most part, the move’s been good. We still love Victoria and had recently begun the process of buying a … Read →