Island Hopping Part 2: Salt Spring & Galiano Islands

In my previous post about our little island hopping adventure, I wrote about a few days on the Pacific Rim, between Ucluelet and Tofino. That post was reasonably light on words and very heavy on photos. I’m hoping this will be a shorter and lighter weight post. After our time on the west coast of Vancouver Island, we were spending two nights each on Salt Spring and Galiano Islands. Salt Spring is the largest and … Read →

Island Hopping Part 1: The Pacific Rim

This post will likely be of little interest to anyone other than us, since it’s strictly to document part one of our week-long vacation up Vancouver Island to the Pacific Rim. Mind you, there are a couple decent pics, so if you’ll be hitting Ucluelet-Tofino you may want to have a peek. Of note, we have an older dog with a bit of a bum shoulder so the whale watching, surfing or eco-trips so plentiful … Read →

Expedia provides customer experience from hell

Expedia has horrific customer service.  My last experience with Expedia (which will truly be my LAST experience) began almost a year ago, on April 20, 2010.  I was closing in on the end of my Masters journey and we booked a family vacation to Honolulu for August 2010 to celebrate the end of what I put everyone through for the previous couple of years.  Writing a thesis is, by far, a better activity for single … Read →