I’ll have to write a snappier page intro for this space, and I may start writing a little about fitness again. Those posts would show up first. For now, just a feed of my recent runs, rides, yoga and whatnot on Strava.

RSS From Strava …

  • Mellow for the meniscus May 9, 2021
    Run: Distance: 9.2km, Elevation Gain: 113m, Moving Time: 00:54:27, Pace: 5:57/km
  • AM dog walk May 8, 2021
    Run: Distance: 2.3km, Elevation Gain: 13m, Moving Time: 00:28:34, Pace: 12:10/km
  • Pre-bed poses + meditation May 8, 2021
    Yoga: Distance: 0.0km, Elevation Gain: 0m, Moving Time: 01:00:00, Average Speed: 0.0km/h
  • 75 minutes of Lettuce May 8, 2021
    VirtualRide: Distance: 40.1km, Elevation Gain: 96m, Moving Time: 01:15:04, Average Speed: 32.0km/h, Estimated Avg Power: 163.7 (from power meter), Weighted Avg Power: 163
  • AM dog walk May 7, 2021
    Run: Distance: 2.2km, Elevation Gain: 23m, Moving Time: 00:26:26, Pace: 12:02/km
  • Evening Run May 5, 2021
    Run: Distance: 7.1km, Elevation Gain: 59m, Moving Time: 00:36:01, Pace: 5:04/km
  • Watopia May 4, 2021
    VirtualRide: Distance: 30.1km, Elevation Gain: 86m, Moving Time: 00:55:34, Average Speed: 32.5km/h, Estimated Avg Power: 160.5 (from power meter), Weighted Avg Power: 164
  • PM dog May 3, 2021
    Run: Distance: 2.0km, Elevation Gain: 28m, Moving Time: 00:26:11, Pace: 13:07/km
  • AM dog May 2, 2021
    Run: Distance: 2.2km, Elevation Gain: 20m, Moving Time: 00:25:25, Pace: 11:45/km
  • AM dog walk May 1, 2021
    Run: Distance: 2.2km, Elevation Gain: 25m, Moving Time: 00:26:22, Pace: 11:58/km

If, for some reason, you’re interested in seeing more of my Strava activities, have at ‘er.